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More recently, I have started a private practice and I see children, teens and adults as individuals, couples or families. I work with people to assist them in discovering what is standing in the way of happiness and then we explore how those issues can be managed or resolved. I believe that everyone can make the changes in their lives that they need to. By focusing on individuals’ strengths and positive qualities, people are empowered to change. I look forward to assisting you in getting back to a path of happiness and serentity. I work from a non judgemental place and recognize that we all make mistakes. “The failure is not in falling down but in failing to get back up”kdjfkdjfd?



I see clients privately, but also do contract work for several organizations below. I have worked with Workers Compensation, Long Term Disabilities and out of province service providers as well. Please call if you have questions on eligibility.

  • Various Insurance Companies
  • Victim Services of Manitoba

Services Overview

Many people experience problems and issues in their lives. Counseling can help resolve the following:

  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Stress (work and home)
  • Grief, Depression, Anxiety
  • Communication, Parenting, Workplace
  • Abuse, anger management, addiction
  • Others

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Phone: 204.647.0214