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Finding Help Through Dauphin Counseling

Help may be just a phone call away

Are you experiencing depression? A phone call may bring you closer to finding solutions and finding the happiness you deserve. Counseling may be what you need to get back on track. Call me, for an appointment or if you have further questions on how counseling could help you. IF you are experiencing a crisis or emergency RIGHT NOW, please call one of the emergency  telephone numbers to the right or call 911.



I see clients privately, but also do contract work for several organizations below. I have worked with Workers Compensation, Long Term Disabilities and out of province service providers as well. Please call if you have questions on eligibility.

  • Various Insurance Companies
  • Victim Services of Manitoba

Services Overview

Many people experience problems and issues in their lives. Counseling can help resolve the following:

  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Stress (work and home)
  • Grief, Depression, Anxiety
  • Communication, Parenting, Workplace
  • Abuse, anger management, addiction
  • Others

Contact Info

For contact, please call or email me.

Phone: 204.647.0214