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My name is Therese Deah and I am the counselor at Sunrise Counseling. Counselling services are provided in Dauphin and Swan River. I have over 17 years experience counseling in the Parkland Region. I spent seven years counseling youth around issues of addictions, depression, self esteem and anger management.

More recently, I have started a private practice and I see children, teens and adults as individuals, couples or families. I work with people to assist them in discovering what

Finding Help Through Dauphin Counseling

Help may be just a phone call away

Are you feeling lonely? Anxious? Are you feeling stressed because of work, children or your partner? Have you been the victim of a crime or have unresolved childhood issues?

Are you experiencing depression? A phone call may bring you closer to finding solutions and finding the happiness you deserve. Counseling may be what you need to get back on track. Call me,


I see clients privately, but also do contract work for several organizations below. I have worked with Workers Compensation, Long Term Disabilities and out of province service providers as well. Please call if you have questions on eligibility.

  • Various Insurance Companies
  • Victim Services of Manitoba

Services Overview

Many people experience problems and issues in their lives. Counseling can help resolve the following:

  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Stress (work and home)
  • Grief, Depression, Anxiety
  • Communication, Parenting, Workplace
  • Abuse, anger management, addiction
  • Others

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For contact, please call or email me.

Phone: 204.647.0214